The Three Most Important Questions to Ask an App Developer.

Questions to ask app developersMost of the businesses and entrepreneurs who request development quotes from us are not experienced app developers.  They have a great mobile device app idea or need an app to keep pace with their business competitors, but cannot develop it themselves.  We even hear from web developers or other software professionals who recognize they do not have the expertise to code their own app and know that job is best left to an experienced mobile app developer.  Whether you use one of our quote sites to obtain competing bids or find qualified app developers on your own, here are three questions you should ask before signing an app development contract:

  1. What apps do you have in the app store? If the answer is “none,” run.  You don’t want someone to train on your project.  This does not mean that a developer without an app in the store cannot do the job, just that you shouldn’t pay for the training.  There are hundreds of qualified developers.  Don’t pay to train an app developer.
  2. What will you charge and when do I pay? App development costs, like everything else, vary.  A cookie-cutter project can be done relatively cheaply; a 3D game or complex database-driven app can cost many times more.  Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish.  The best developer for your project is not necessarily the cheapest, nor the most expensive.  What you want is a developer who shares your vision for the project and has the expertise to complete it on time and on budget.  As for when you pay, most reputable developers will require a deposit (often half the estimated cost) from you to get started, but generally do not require full payment up front.  Be very skeptical of developers who require full payment in advance.  Also, you should approve the project  (by reviewing a fully functional app on the device on which it will operate) before final payment is due.
  3. May I talk to a couple of clients for whom you have coded apps? Ask for, and talk to, references. A developer who believes you are serious about your project and have the funds needed to develop it will be more than willing to share references with you.  If not, ask yourself what the developer is hiding.

Getting answers to these questions will go a long way toward finding the right developer for your app.



Mark M. Stetler is CEO of AppMuse and its related businesses:,,, and AppMuse is the Internet's leading provider of free app development quotes from experienced, pre-screened app developers for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry smart phones.

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