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Advanced field recorder combined with a sound warp engine and a collection of ready to use dynamic presets for iPad and iPhone. Discover new ways to create and construct unusual and exciting sounds from any environmental audio recordings or samples recorded from other apps through Inter-App audio or Audiobus. The main advantage is that you can record and modify samples along the way within the single app. You can record sounds and noises, delete unwanted parts and then use presets to give a whole new sounding or create spectacular soundscapes and textures to use them as loops in this app. And even use FieldScaper as effect in real time with other apps or external input. The FieldScaper consists of two main parts. The first part is the field recorder with special options for different ways of record environmental sound from microphone or record other sound sources. With the sample editor you can cut or split the source sample for more convenient use. The second part is the scaper sound engine that with using dynamic presets can easily transform the most ordinary sounds into something absolutely different. These parts connect with each other into one whole but you can use recorder or scaper independently. The FieldScaper supports complete MIDI control for all faders, knobs and many buttons. You can change the parameters of oscillators, filters, delays and mixer by using any external MIDI controller or MIDI apps like sequencers. With the MIDI controllers this app becomes very comfortable to use at live performance. Field recorder: - Auto start record when input signal appears. - Auto stop record when signal below threshold or by time. - Record series of samples by a signal presence. - Recorder timer in seconds or measure (sync with BPM). - Input signal monitor with different modes. - Automatic gain control, cut off input filters and noise gate. - Advanced sample editor (delete, trim, split, cut, copy, paste, undo). - Filter and normalizer for recorded sample. Scaper sound engine: - Loop based mode for processing input in real time as effect. - Three sample-based oscillators, each with set of effects. - Low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-stop filters with resonance. - Two range delay with smooth time change and additional modes. - Advanced spatial mixer / reverb with changing of side and distance. - Three-band parametric equalizer for each oscillator. - Wide range changing of oscillator speed with option of reverse. - Distortion effect based on breaking addressing of samples (like on circuit bending). - Complex effect contains lofi, overload, noise, ringmod, flanger, phaser. - Step sequencer can control selected parameter and envelope generator (ADSR). - Individual or group of LFO for each effect with additional modes and BPM sync. - The "Main effect" function for control several parameters simultaneously. Additional features: - More 50 predefined presets with wide range of effects. - Scenes for storing and loading all operation parameters. - Pack the scene and all its samples and presets to single file. - Convenient file manager with groups of files by name or date. - Access samples and records via standard iOS app "Files". - Complete MIDI control for all faders, knobs and other modes. - Adaptive UI for portrait and landscape orientation. - Different color schemes available for UI. - Detailed application description (built-in and PDF file). - Inter-App audio compatible (with transport and BPM controls). - Supports Audiobus 3 with "State Saving" and MIDI features. - Supports Ableton Link with start / stop sync. Requirements: Third generation of iPad or fifth generation of iPhone and higher is required. You can find more details about FieldScaper on the website: Overview and demo:
What’s New
This update improves compatibility with new devices with different aspect ratios and compatibility with new versions of iOS. Also added support for bluetooth midi controllers, the sound engine has been slightly optimized and the description of the app has been updated.
Version 2.2
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26 Ratings
  • woodywall, 19.05.2021
    Versatile sound processing
    The abundance of controls can be intimidating at first, but once you start using the app you’ll find it’s easy to use. The ways in which it can alter the original sound are amazing. A simple spoken phrase can turn into all sorts of ambient textures. Show more
  • skiphunt, 31.03.2019
    This is an incredible app that keeps getting better!
    I can’t believe I’m just now reviewing this app. It was one of my first audio apps for iOS that completely opened up my imagination to what’s possible with surreal sound sculpting. This developer is one of my longtime favorites and all of his apps are stellar. I own all of them! FieldScaper was superb when I first bought it years ago, and it just keeps getting better and more refined. Highly recommended!!! Show more
  • BozoToo, 17.07.2018
    No longer broken
    I had previously written a 4-star review of this ap because it is a very creative and innovative approach to sound design. I really LIKED it (just as I have really liked all of the aps by this developer). HOWEVER ...suddenly my FieldScaper on both my iPads was broken. I have FieldScaper on two iPads: an iPad 4 running iOS 10 and an iPad Pro 12.9 “ running iOS 11.2.1. On BOTH iPads for reasons unexplainable by modern science, FieldScaper would not load any stored “Scenes” (the combination of audio files and preset effects). When I tried, nothing would change - all of the files and presets remain unchanged regardless of which Scene I tried to load. No one else seems to have had this problem. The developer tried to solve the problem, but apparently could not duplicate it. Kudos for the effort... That was THEN this is NOW ... All that has changed with the latest version. With the 2.0+ releases, this problem has been fixed. I have still lost all my previous presets and all audio files (both factory and my own). But now I can confidently create new materials and actually save them. The additions in this version are also a great advance and push my opinion of FieldScaper solidly into the five star range. The parametric EQ sequencers (three - one for each “oscilator”) and new synchronizing abilities have elevate FieldScaper beyond its previous status as one of the most innovative music aps available. Show more
  • andy_marks, 14.07.2018
    Awesome update!
    This brings new and exciting features to Fieldscaper and the possibilities might be endless.Keep up the good work.
  • Dessication, 20.05.2018
    The Only App I Have Ever Reviewed
    I have never written a review of an app as I have never been impressed enough to act as a salesperson on behalf of a company that sold me a product. If it works perfectly as described, good, that is what it is supposed to do. Anyone can read the description and expect a fair transaction, professional reviewers exist to tell you more details. In this sole instance, I simply can no longer ignore my moral compulsion to act as an emissary to the world of artists on behalf of this app and developer. Igor Vasiliev is a literal genius. This is the next level, it’s god-tier, we’re flying in the 5th-dimensional app dreamscape here. For a field recorder to collect environmental samples alone (my original goal with this) it is brilliant, I would have been thrilled...but...then there is the warping, the looping, the midi control, the insane amount of detail and information and freedom of control...I honestly do not get how one app at this price can simply ruin all others available from the big names at much higher prices. It seems like it works with everything, hardware and software. It is a muse, a creative world unto itself. Is Mr. Vasiliev a wizard? An alien visitor? A saint? Try the app and come to your own conclusions, the truth is out there. I won’t claim to be any sort of authority on sound or a brilliant artist myself, but I have worked in several DAWS and used a wide variety of gear and instruments over the years. I know when something is quality. You can trust me when I tell you that after five minutes in this app you will whisper under your breath “...sick..just sick..this beautiful sonuva...” If you have the slightest interest in sampling, looping, or experimenting with sound in general, buy this. May fortune forever bless you, Mr. Vasiliev. I am going to go buy Synthscaper right now. Show more
  • Madrayken, 25.04.2018
    Ambient Field Kit and Swiss Army Knife
    I'm not going to write a long review. If you're interested in sound, field recording, ambient music, or any kind of sonic experimentation, you really should buy this. It's as indispensable as Paulstretch or granular processing. Show more
  • Zjenji, 21.02.2018
    Update addresses sampler crash.
    Really hoping for an iPhone X update. Love this app more than any other vocal samplers though. Must But!
  • gravytop, 10.11.2017
    Hours of fun
    This is easily one of the most well-thought out, intuitive, and capable noise/music apps I’ve seen. Requests to developer for help have been quickly answered. I, too, hope it is supported in perpetuity. Show more
  • Shizin, 06.09.2017
    I was wrong with my last review
    I guess the software was acting weird for a bit when I was trying to make a new track after a long period of artist block, but after a few relaunches of the app everything worked as expected. This is an extremely intuitive app which allows me to create rich and full tones of other worldly origins. Almost every parameter can be modulated with lfo's allowing a generative movement of drones fading in and out, morphing, and decaying. I love this app to death. I am completely satisfied with this purchase after so many year (it's only really been like 2, but still). I hope this app is supported for the years to come. Show more


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