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Make quality quick-cut style music videos straight from your phone with Gridplay. Giving even the most experienced filmmakers a new experience, the innovative grid screen allows users to combine and divide cells at will in order to create dynamic videos. Add a song, trim clips, and adjust and scale each cell for extra flair. Turn your inspirational moments into the movie of your life with Gridplay. Features: 1. Takes up to 16 4x4 videoclips (These can be recorded or uploaded.) 2. Swipe to combine or divide the cells 3. Create and edit a timeline with multiple frames 4. Optimized for low-resolution (640p) on Instagram 5. Records up to 15 seconds. (5 minutes with extension) 6. Self-timer 7. Each clip has an independent sound control 8. Ability to save video to camera roll 9. Frame thickness and color settings 10. Automatically saves rough draft 11. Rotate, adjust, scale, and mirror each clip 12. Share to Vine Instructions: 1. Pick a cell and choose the camera mode. (Full screen vs. split screen, and back camera vs. front camera) 2. Swipe to combine cells, and swipe again to divide. 3. Press the "Film" button. 4. Set the timer up to 15 seconds. (If you have unlocked the extension, you can set the timer up to 5 minutes.) 5. When you finish with one frame, it will go to the next automatically. You need to set the timer for each frame. 6. If you don't like what you have recorded, tap to delete. If you don't want to fill up the other cells? No problem, just go to the next step. 7. Adjust the volume and position of each clip. 8. Trim the clips and add background music. 9. Save and share on Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, and email.
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Supports Airpods connectivity Supports to import sounds from files Supports 6.5 inch and 5.5 inch display Bug fixes and stabilization
Version 1.6.0
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50 Ratings
  • atrawicky, 03.10.2021
    Worst App I Have Ever Had the Misfortune of Using
    I wish I could give it 0 stars. I am a music major and have to do college class assignments using this app, and I cannot count the number of times the app has crashed after finishing a recording and deleting all of my work. I had to pay money for this garbage, and I feel like the makers of this app owe me a complete refund and more from the time they have stolen from me. PLEASE do NOT get this app, it is a nightmare that has me in tears every time I try to use it. 0/0 stars, your time is best spent elsewhere. Show more
  • ChrisInNola, 16.01.2021
    Extended duration purchase did not work
    I purchased the $.99 extension, and in the app it is marked as purchased. But I still cannot extend the duration getting 15 seconds. Don’t know how to fix this.
  • kenelux, 16.09.2020
    Better get it all in one take...
    ...Because if you ever delete a take to redo it, this app will hose the audio from your previous takes. I wish I could get the hours back trying to make a simple two track recording that this app kept corrupting. There is no way to save your work until all your takes are done. There is also no good way to control audio inputs. I wish there was an app that does what this one does, that actually worked. Show more
  • vidalvocalvio, 16.07.2020
    Used to love this app but lately has trouble recording, freezes on screen, or playback has lag in some tracks. What happened??!!
  • Miriam Tierno, 08.07.2020
    So I downloaded this app looked at a YouTube video with some explanation on how to use it. The app itself has no tutorial. It starts you and after showing you how to press play, it drops the tutorial. I paid for 5 minutes, I go to the setting and hit record and it records for a few seconds and then I see lines across my face and I have 20 seconds of my voice, so after that it drops you and I lost my 5 minutes of recording! Could not even try it! I want my money back! The 5 minutes is a one time deal, so if you have tech issues, forget the 5 minutes. It would be $99c for each try, weather it recorded you for 20 seconds, you lost your 5 minutes! This is stupid and very frustrating! Miriam Show more
  • Paul Ulici, 21.06.2020
    I love this app but bugs need to be worked out
    What I love about this app is that it keeps tracks fairly well synchronized. It is very useful and has a lot of potential BUT... I record on multi tracks and it sorta works IF you never ever have to do a retake and everything is just perfect. If you delete a track and retake, then it starts sounding like it overlayed a track with itself with a little delay. So if you do more retakes and you have a metronome track, each beat starts sounding like a drumroll. Now that is really bad. Is there not one app that actually works properly and doesn’t have a gazillion bugs? Ugh! Show more
  • rddbjtedbmb, 16.05.2020
    I like the app generally but why is it when I record the second track (with earbud to isolate the sound) when I play the two back there is a slap echo on the first track. My sneakers not on when I record the second track. Only the earbuds. Show more
  • Nicky did, 11.05.2020
    Used to be great, now has tons of bugs
    I’ve used this app many times to create great videos, but recently it’s been having trouble syncing audio and recording videos. There are many glitches and problems now, but only as of late. Hopefully these problems will be fixed soon and I can write a better review. Show more
  • prestonleee, 09.05.2020
    Bugs and crashes
    It’s either crashing or tripping out. If I record a take and don’t like it, it will still play after deleting. Or if you adjust the sound, it only adjusts on playback. Once you hit record again all levels are blaring. Used to use it before and it worked alright but now it’s useless. Show more


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