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Cizoo: Sing Karaoke. Auto Tune. Ratings and Reviews

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  • vinnavin, 04.01.2023
    Use to love
    I use to love this app up untill now i was logged out of it and now i can’t log back into it if it doesn’t get fixed, I will be canceling my subscription and deleting the app and never looking back Show more
  • user1701c, 24.12.2022
    This is a wonderful app!
    I cannot start on how old is app is like there’s so many you can just say there’s camera features are things you don’t have to show your face if you ever have a dream like me to be a singer this is the perfect app for you there’s coaches that can help made an app perfect for me and they have people to help you with your singing voices there is people I mean sure there’s probably gonna be some people do I have the nicest comments but don’t let those people get to you I really hope that these developers can come out with more stuff like this because I swear these people are like the angels to the God of singing because they have The perfect game for me like thank you so much developers you are like the angels and I really hope that this game stays forever or does the app thank you so much for creating this app y’all are geniuses thank you have a nice day Show more
  • grydhhdudjshsjs, 23.12.2022
    Cizzo is good!
    Chisel is a very good app. I love it but I have lost my account two times and you just did the leafs randomly. Make sure to be careful and always keep your account safe and also, it’s a very good to see you know if it’s for starters, and I love it so much. It’s very cute and fun there might be like some believe sometimes but just handle it they just do it because you’re jealous of your beautiful singing. Just be confident and I love you and God loves you too. amen bye Show more
  • boingloins69, 13.12.2022
    They are stealing money from me
    I downloaded this free app and did not sign up for the subscription. It is now trying to charge me 9.99 a day for something I did not sign up for or give permissions to. Updates on litigation currently being filed to follow…. Show more
  • tt-235, 07.12.2022
    This is a good app at first I thought it was a bad quality but now that I figured out the problem I was having. It’s a really fun and good app to use for all singers and music lovers.❤️? Show more
  • Audio game lover, 01.12.2022
    Airpods do not work with singing anymore.
    I love this app. I sing on it all the time. however, my airpods will not work while I sing. Whenever I click on a song to sing, my audio will go to my Iphone speekers instead of my airpods. If you could fix this, I would be very greatful. Show more
  • firelight1234567899, 24.11.2022
    I love it. It is the best!
  • lego mask, 23.11.2022
    The app’s pretty good, especially sense you have some good songs.
  • Bri-bo13, 16.11.2022
    Overall Fun
    Still getting the hang of the app - having to click on the “search” icon to get to the page with top songs/artists is odd. Wish there was a slightly bigger variety of songs available for free, but selection is better than some other apps. Overall good experience. Show more
  • starfirevision, 15.11.2022
    Enjoy the ap but sometimes have issues with lip movements and chin quiver on certain added features. I’ve been singing without them recently instead of the voice features. I very much enjoy learning and continuing my journey and love for singing. Thanks so much!?starfirevision Show more
  • Livingfreebeingme, 26.10.2022
    Review of app
    So far this seems like a fun singing app!
  • squeaky6, 22.10.2022
    What i think of this app
    Before I had this app Like 2 years ago there where no premium's. And it won’t let me post anything on it. I hope they fix that bug. They changed a lot and i don’t really like how u have to pay for mostly everything. When i used to have it, it was so good i would give it a 10/10, but right now i have to give it a 3/10. Show more
  • quzhay806!, 17.10.2022
    Great app
  • Beyoncé the second, 20.09.2022
    Love the app just a few things wrong
    The app chizzo is amazing it has the right songs the you can choose your auto tune you can Alain choose any song you want without it saying “want to start a free trial for 7days?” Although there is a small bug. When I do my songs I cant hear anything the only thing that I hear is the music and it is getting very frustrating. Please fix the bug. Thant you for taking the time to read this I hope you have a blessed day,night or afternoon thank you so much,I hope this was helpful Show more
  • SChen98, 08.09.2022
    Was fun intially
    It was good initially. I had many views and followers but now I have zero views. All within a week. Their song selections could be better and also their sound quality Show more
  • zxcvbnnmskdhd, 06.09.2022
    5 stars!!
    I’m speechless. This is a great app and it really improves your singing! I love it! I recommend it if you like singing and trying ti improve it! Keep up the great work? but also try to make all the GOOD songs not vip Show more
  • iamawesome713, 04.09.2022
    Used to be good
    This app used to be super fun and I loved singing with it, but now, 90% of the songs are VIP and you have to pay to be able to sing them. I can barely use the app now because I don’t want to pay for VIP. Show more
  • abcde1105, 31.08.2022
    Soooo good
    I love this app soo much you should try it it is really fun!!!
  • Natalie 1479852, 13.08.2022
    Turn it up 10 when you’re bored even if you’re not a good thing that’s just like I like it when I’m bored and it Turn it up 10 when you’re bored even if you’re not a good thing that’s just like I like it when I’m bored Show more
  • ☠️☠️??, 09.08.2022
    I love that app so much