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Zip FM 103 Jamaica. Ratings and Reviews

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30 Ratings
  • Loyalty Vacae, 22.06.2022
    Excellent service zip?I’m in Massachusetts USA, everyday all day famz??
  • yemo294, 22.01.2022
    Best radio channel ever!!!
  • Dusean07, 15.07.2020
    Best Station Ever
  • pete36us, 14.01.2020
    ZipFM app
    The new update is trash
  • syrine38, 03.01.2020
    Zips keeps me up?????
    Zip in a me ears??????
  • Sherr mix, 24.12.2019
    Too low
    They need to update the app. It’s playing to low and also the ads keep interrupting the listening
  • DePass Design, 19.12.2019
    Broadcasting Issues
    Good app until the broadcasting goes out for days in America.
  • one kxng, 08.11.2019
    Tha sound quality is very poor in the app
  • Newby822, 23.10.2019
    ZipFM keep me connected to JA. ??❤️?? Jonny kool and Liquid my FAV....all day everyday. However, it’s increasingly becoming difficult to listen the app. I understand the need for ad revenue, but with the US ads popping up in the middle of the broadcast with very higher volume than the program itself makes me don’t want to listen anymore. The entire process is not cohesive, there have been an increase in program disruptions and app crashes. I appreciate having access to live broadcast from Jamaica but it’s not pleasing to listen with all these disruptions. Hope you can get this app running good like it inception. - Rohan Show more
  • DJ Quenchie, 19.10.2019
    Way too many ads through the app, in 11 I had to listen to 4 ads even though I opted to watch a long video to skip ads, no long video came up. Fix up Unnu tings Show more
  • P4H, 02.10.2019
    Home and away
    Only radio I stream
  • JGiscombe, 28.09.2019
    Zip is great!
    Dj’s and programming is great, the App though is horrible.
  • Giodon876, 25.06.2019
    Beeeeeeeeest! Live coverage❤️
  • Kerona zipping everyday, 21.06.2019
    Best radio station in the universe with most of the best DJ/ZJ ZJ Liquid ZJ Johnny Kool ZJ West ZJ Chrome ZJ Vybz ZJ Bambino
  • ziptocrats, 20.06.2019
    As a jamaican radio station, me hardly hear dancehall and reggae, and a farin them nah play we music kmt ,
  • maro vassell, 10.06.2019
    Zip in a me ears??????
    High energy PlayStation??????
  • frustrated 03, 05.04.2019
    Zip need to wheel and come again!! Really?!! In 2019 a radio app that stop playing when the phone goes on sleep!! Really??!!!!! Even when i go to use my phone for other stuff the app stop. Wow!!! Take this app off the App Store Show more
  • zaidsmithja, 06.02.2019
    Hot station
    My highest point in my day is when Zip103 fm in on my phone + Bluetooth speaker box. High energy station
  • Trax Laser, 08.12.2018
    Ads too many
  • Dihdkdjndk, 08.12.2018
    Not reliable
    Sometimes this app just stop working for hours at a time.