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Handy Audio Editor - Mixer. Ratings and Reviews

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50 Ratings
  • MAMMousset2, 11.02.2021
    Easy to handle and efficient
  • TaterbugD, 05.03.2020
    love it
    i’ve used it to make sooo many mashups and it’s my favorite app!!!
  • newtonnorth, 17.01.2020
    How Do You Upgrade To Unlimited??
    App seems okay but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to upgrade to unlimited. Help?
  • jowl1010, 03.01.2020
    Like it but...
    Works great but when I try to email or text an audio file it won’t save.
  • Bangle@66, 03.01.2020
    no upgraid option to get rid of ada
    as they claim
  • Meltdown92583, 04.11.2019
    iCloud support
    This app seemed like just what I needed until I realized there was no support for one drive or dropbox importing.
  • Chemao45785, 18.08.2019
    No songs showing up
    No songs show up in the app, right click in a song and then select and copy to Audio editor doesn’t seem to do anything, and clicking on the contact button brings you to a website which is coded so poorly that when you try to scroll it skips five pages at a time. Trash Show more
  • Skybee1107, 09.08.2019
    Works great
    I love being able to make my songs my own!
  • Tommyp7625, 23.04.2019
    No way to choose file from folder
    So I can import a song. But then there is no way to get to it to do anything to it. Totally useless.
  • Applejak27, 02.03.2019
    Simple & EZ to use
    It works & it’s very basic. It is straight forward & EZ to use. Which is a lot more than I can say for the dozen or more I tried before finding this one. Show more
  • Kenscomp, 23.02.2019
    Won’t save
    Once I made a merge, it saved to a file name with .mp3 extension but was 0 kB. Needs a fade in/out function.
  • 153&:!::;'dlxnsbs, 09.02.2019
    I don’t want to sound like a brat but I couldn’t understand how to use it, it would be nice if you add a tutorial.
  • Bnc5, 06.02.2019
    Great app
    Very good app. Easy to use
  • ghdhdgrhytvvdd, 06.11.2018
    Trimmer and merger
    I click on the song I want to trim and it sits there and spins and doesn’t nothing. I try to merge songs together and again it sits there and spins acting like it’s going to load but it doesn’t. The app would be perfect if it would just actually work. Show more
  • beautiful558, 04.10.2018
    This is exactly what I needed to mash up songs for my kids variety show. Worked perfect!
  • PMHoff, 08.09.2018
    I absolutely love this app!
  • sixkiller18, 05.09.2018
    The thing is that it will work perfectly on my iPhone but when I got it on my iPad none of my songs would import to the app
  • tnajay, 26.08.2018
    Perfect app for my needs
    I am able to use this app to cut and merge songs simply. It was very easy to use. My only issue is I cannot delete merges and trims that are not needed. Show more
  • Sidigidkadkcoaolakxkk, 22.08.2018
    Happy with it.
    Hoping they’ll add milliseconds to get more exact cuts :)
  • Joel D. Arnold, 19.06.2018
    Strange app
    I want to do a simple thing. Just trim a simple recording down to export. Air drop the file in. Save it into the gallery. But you can’t access it to trim or do anything with it? Bad interface. Strange app. Show more