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Mic Room LE. Ratings and Reviews

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29 Ratings
  • dropadeuce, 17.08.2021
    Won’t hear me
    iPhone mic absolutely enabled with this app but it can’t hear me. Emailed support and no response. Spent 20 mins researching and trouble shooting. Piece of crap app.
  • snbd evd, 14.08.2021
    The app stops working after the second time I use it
  • Bluesboy1234abcdefg, 12.07.2021
    Nope and nope
    Downloaded app, made an account, and it didn’t work. The manual that’s supposed to help you won’t load and there isn’t anything to help troubleshoot. Don’t waste the $1.99 I did. Show more
  • J.Griz, 06.01.2021
    Does this thing that work with AirPods?
    Sitting here trying it out and can hear nothing coming through my AirPods try to click on headphones for source and nothing happens.
  • Jai'yaKimbrew, 23.07.2020
  • Bubbel master YT, 24.05.2020
    I tried to sing but it won’t let me.I hate this Add
  • S0PHIAG, 23.05.2020
    Do not recommend
    It does not work at all
  • quiz querk, 09.10.2019
    Not letting me get it
    It will not let me download the app
  • I download stuffs., 10.07.2019
    Are you kidding me right now!
    I immediately deleted this it’s so bad! I am trying to sing, I am pressing EVERY button, and nothing happens! And also, WHY do you need to retrieve an app to read a dang HELP manual? It’s YOU who needs help with this app! Please fix it! Because I need to get a new recording app so I can continue my music career. Be happy that I gave you one star and FIX it please. Show more
  • MayDayTrader, 07.06.2019
    Worse support
    No support .. I bought a iRig Mic.. I register the product and when to download the app.. That’s when I needed support .. I paid $9.99 and no Instructions or Manuel’s or support.. Don’t buy.. Show more
  • Tunafish??, 20.01.2019
    It was ok but it didn't let me record
    So I got in the app and sang and it didn't even let me record everything Else was great but I'm going to get a new recording app
  • sjay fields, 16.12.2018
    No recording?
    What’s the point if you can’t record
  • kenzye?, 09.12.2018
    How to do
    How do you get sound to go out of your iPod
  • doggo and catto, 02.07.2018
    I downloaded this app to record a song and I can’t even get it to load! I hate this app it’s the worst I do not recommend this app! ???????????????????????
  • Jayyymmee, 28.06.2018
    What? More info please
    I dont even understand how to use this thing
  • ClappyDuck, 09.05.2018
    Not working
    It won’t let me choose what mic I want. It’s stuck on the internal iPhone mic.
  • A7la_7zn, 24.01.2018
  • Alex-Loser, 09.07.2017
    Love it
  • traejmoore, 29.06.2017
    Great but could be better!
    I love this app to hear myself sing in real time. I just put my headphone in and speak into the mic and I can hear what I actually sound like. I've been looking for an app like this for a long time. It will make me a better singer.The only issue is how much space this app takes for something so simple. Show more
  • Marzipanzee, 16.12.2016
    I'll stick with MicSwap
    Tried this but it doesn't record and doesn't sound as good as micswap. Also micswap looks amazing and and you can swap the studio you're in.