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Jamzone - Sing & Play Along. Ratings and Reviews

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  • Fretboardmaniac, 05.01.2023
    I’m hooked. This is perfect for me!
    I’m a lifetime jammer. I’ve always been the “how to play” not “what to play” type of person so I have never bothered to memorize any one full song because I can simply sit in with anything and play along by ear. This App makes a diehard never memorize anything guy like myself a complete, fearless, one-man musical army! I love this stuff! Thank you guys so much for this app! Show more
  • raymack2000, 17.12.2022
    Jamzone is fantastic!
    Been using it for years. Incredible practice tool, learning app and live backing tracks. and keeps getting better. thank you!
  • Allaniludwig, 16.12.2022
    The concept is terrific and most of the songs are really well done.However, if you are using it with a macbook pro, you may run imnto some problems. You will find that songs in your library and playlists will not load. so you have to delete them and then re-download them. Very time consuming and frustrating. Jamzone blames it on Apple's encryption protection. So okay, find a way to fix it then. This is really not acceptable. I must say, that when i can access my playlists, this program is a real winner Show more
  • b3 Gene, 12.12.2022
    Great app, amazed at the song list library I downloaded 180+ songs first day. Played a 3 set gig with it a week later. Tracks sound great plus easy pitch and tempo control. Great app for personal practice or actually live performances. For live it sends the click to one side and music to the other. Plug the click into a Peterson BodyBeat and feel the click verse it in your ear. Lyric's, chords and full mixer to mute anything. My favorite app found in 2022. I’ve referred a bunch of friends to it. Show more
  • Neb2019, 09.12.2022
    Amazing app
    Awesome app. This is a must for any musician. Just get it!
  • jhrcnmjh, 20.11.2022
    Highly recommend
    Great app for musicians, I’m having so much fun with. It’s quite addicting. Developers are very helpful and responsive with questions.
  • pylogix, 14.11.2022
    Could be good but...
    This is a very cool app but wish there not so many songe missing chords or lyrics of both.
  • D. Hickey, 10.11.2022
    Don’t like subscription format
    I a
  • Bamapop51, 07.11.2022
    So far so good
  • claire with an E, 04.11.2022
    Best thing ever!!!
    This app is the best way to learn and practice. There is nothing else like it. Thank you developers for making such a fine app.
  • 80s Rockstar 1028, 29.10.2022
    We are so happy to find your app! This is helping our band become better and we thank your program for this!!!
  • Danly Segovia, 16.10.2022
    Not good
    Not what I needed..
  • C99iou, 15.10.2022
    How to Buy Individual Tracks?
    The backing tracks sound great. There are a lot of songs I search for. When a song isn't in the app I like the option to vote towards having them make that track. I have one question: I see in other reviews they say you can buy individual tracks but I only see options to buy subscriptions. What gives? Show more
  • ALLTHUMBSGUITAR, 12.10.2022
    Have been using Jamzone for years as a learning tool, but also on stage for backing tracks with our house band that plays here at our beach bar in Mexico. Thanks for the great product. Sure makes it fun! Show more
  • Fritznyc12345, 11.10.2022
    Changed App.
    I used to pay for tokens and brought the tracks. Now it’s a subscription format. Now I hate it.
  • Lauramaire1024, 10.10.2022
    I love this app, however..
    Like the last reviewer said.. I have pretty much all the songs I want and need, but if I did want one or two more, I would have to go with the subscription model. I totally get what the developers are doing, it’s the way most developers are going, but you should still allow for individual song purchases without having to force the subscription model. Show more
  • JKJohn78, 10.10.2022
    Come on... at least be honest
    I bought over a 120 songs that I am working on and now after the 'update' to subscription based music none of my purchased music will load. When you sent out your email out announcing this you said we would still have access to the music we purchased and yet here I am unable to load any of it. Not on my phone, nor on my ipad, nor mac. So I try to subscribe to the 'free' version in hopes that I can get my music to load and it still doesn't work. So now what?!? I just spent hundreds on your app so that I can use it? If I pay for something and you make it so I can't use then it's time for a refund of everything I just purchased. Show more
  • OrdinalK, 03.10.2022
    Went to subscription model
    I have pretty much all the songs I need for personal and band practice. These were purchased. If I want to add ONE more song that I need for an extended period of time, then it is $17.99 a month - forever. Thanks Jamzone for ripping off your existing customers. Show more
  • The bloat, 30.09.2022
    Backing tracks
    Great for using as backing tracks
  • Rstuartcpa, 22.09.2022
    Bait and Switch
    I have loved using this app and have learned more by using it that other methods. I have purchased 50 songs so far and had plans to purchase more. But the new subscription model isn't what I signed up for. As an accountant, I understand cash flows and the need for steady stream source of cash, but I also am a customer who feels like I've been sucked in and then flimflamed and forced to change to a scription. Subscriptions are money suckers and drain us without our being aware. I prefer purchasing a song and that's the social contract we had before this bait and switch. Too bad because the software is a great idea. Show more