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Mix With The Masters. Ratings and Reviews

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  • Supah-G, 21.12.2022
    Wonderful content…terrible app.
    To keep it short and sweet: the app is so bad and buggy, I’ve given up on it and will probably cancel my subscription: If I’m going to pay $350 a year, I expect a functioning app. It’s very disappointing to see Zero effort in fixing the app. Show more
  • eaglehat, 18.12.2022
    Content is generally good to excellent. App is borderline unusable.
    First, the content: The content that’s excellent is always 100% due to the talent being captured. While that sounds like it makes perfect sense, it would be better if that percentage included some contribution from the production itself, which has a pleasing look, but otherwise struggles to be useful, consistent, and even just to stay out of the way of the information being conveyed. It seems mostly like it’s being directed by someone who has a good eye, but practically no sensibility of this content’s actual purpose. Often the talent is explaining something that would be useful to see, and it’s either: not shown, not shown in detail (or from useful angles/distances), or sometimes is shown with different settings (from a different time or completely different video…sometimes not even from that series) or positioning than what’s being discussed. Again, the feeling here is that whoever is filming has no understanding of what’s being discussed, and therefore no sense of what’s important to capture or notate at the time. Details that are included feel like they were captured by dumb luck and hunted down after the fact—which would explain the inconsistency of details. Sometimes a move or a setting will be detailed via a note on screen—for example, what eq moves were just made on a channel—but not addressed at all as they’re made on the next channel/instrument. Basically, if they can figure it out afterward based on what they happened to shoot, you may get that detail; if not, tough luck. I thought this aspect would improve over time as they got their footing and figured out that someone needed to be notating things, or making sure to get coverage, but after several years, that adjustment has failed to materialize. There will also often be obvious audio problems on the production side, which are rare to experience in normal professional productions, but made all the more glaring and distracting, given the context. For just one example, there are numerous places in the relatively new Greg Wells series where the audio is distorting badly as they’re recording, and for a moment you wonder if it’s ruining a good take and how Greg Wells is going to address the technical stumble with the talent, but it goes unaddressed and you realize it’s actually just a failure of the production audio. This happens several times in this series. Aside from those more technical aspects, there’s just not a lot of care taken on small, but important details. For example, I have encountered multiple series that have their episodes in the wrong order. Other users have left comments detailing the proper viewing order and stating that they have alerted support, but they remain unchanged even years later. Which brings me to the app: (Btw, I’m always on the latest version of the app and the latest iPadOS on iPad Pro) If I’m watching more than two videos in a single sitting, I will usually have to force quit and relaunch the app on my iPad multiple times. Often, a video just churns endlessly on a black screen without loading, and no possibility of accessing any onscreen controls to go back, exit out, etc. At that point the only option is to force quit. You also can’t just stream a video pressing its play button, you must download it first. Whenever you hit the download button, it takes you to the download pane of the app, so if you’re trying to download, let’s say, the five parts of a series all at once, you have to keep tapping back to the “home” pane—which takes you to series you’ve managed to somehow navigate to—to click the download button for the next one. Not only is this behavior annoying, but it’s completely pointless, as there is a download progress indicator on the series page, and you can play it from there if it’s fully downloaded. So, what should be an easy five taps is now made into a maddening game of trying to get back to press the next button, and this behavior has no discernible purpose at all. To make things worse, the interface often becomes momentarily unresponsive when multiple downloads are queued; so when you tap back to the Home Screen, and nothing happens and you intuitively tap a second time, thinking that your tap has gone unregistered, the app finally catches up and whisks you back to the top tier of the Home Screen, leaving you to have to navigate back through lists and filters to again find the series you were trying to download and start the game anew. All because of a needless and non-intuitive app behavior. Once you get the episodes downloading, half or more often hang, with no way to refresh them or restart them (they remain as-is when the app is restarted). If they hang—and they will—the only way to fix the download(s) is to left drag them on the download screen, delete them, and begin the frustrating download game yet again. I could go on, but I’m exhausting myself. The bottom line is that the app is only useable if you have a great deal of patience and are willing to do a lot of extra work that the MWTM team is apparently quite satisfied to pass along to you. I’d love to see a series where the “Masters” explain what would happen to your recording career if you delivered results to your clients in the same fashion that MWTM delivers theirs. Show more
  • kokoyov123, 09.12.2022
    Clownishly bad app
    You’d expect way better given the high quality educative content and the price tag. The website is great and the content is fantastic, just don’t count on this app to work. Show more
  • Jamsonite, 31.10.2022
    I have to just go on the safari/chrome site to watch anything on a mobile this app doesn’t playback the majority of the time
  • *Uncle Jimbo*, 16.10.2022
    This app needs A LOT of work!!
    Mix with the masters has really dropped the ball with this app. You’d think that for the monthly price they charge they would be on top of those glitches. Content is amazing but really difficult to get watch unless you’re in a stationary place. The minute you move from there it’s over. Even the downloaded videos don’t all play. Someone needs to fix this if they wanna keep us as clients. SMH Show more
  • traviskennedysound, 11.09.2022
    This app is not functional!
    This app is not functional! You better be on a computer to actually use this product. People are paying too much for this service to have it not work properly most of the time. I’m on an iPhone. Show more
  • solrak18, 07.08.2022
    Download feature is broken
    Would like to download videos then watch at a later time when I don’t have access to fast internet, but the download feature is broken. I’m lucky if 10% of my downloads actually complete. Can you prioritize fixing this? Will not renew my membership if I can’t download videos Show more
  • eat cheetos and die, 16.05.2022
    Great content as usual; app full of bugs.
    I love the content but I think the app needs a lot of work. As someone mentioned before, having to work around the glitches gets very frustrating. Why do we have to forcefully download each video we want to watch? The app crashes a lot. The app has to stay open on the download screen to fully download content, otherwise it crashes. The app has to get restarted every time to download a video, other wise it doesn’t work. Show more
  • AudioWonderBoy, 01.05.2022
    New update seems solid
    This new version has been running with well for me. I tried the previous release and it was very buggy. With this update, it’s gone from unusable to great to far. Show more
  • RowanJudah, 19.04.2022
    App does not function
    Some of the best content out there. A lot of times I try and watch on my phone and it’s so bad most days the screen just comes up blank. I genuinely hope they fix this. For the record, if I’m doing critical listening I do so in my studio. A lot of the time I watch the first round on my iPhone to get the concept then go back and watch in the studio for specifics. Show more
  • J-Composer, 15.04.2022
    Amazing content! App is super buggy.
    That’s it… that’s the review.
  • Terrible on Purpose, 13.03.2022
    Terrible on Purpose
    This app has been terrible since I subscribed three years ago. Scrubbing does not work, it takes minimum 3 minutes to launch a video, auto play is actually auto crash, relaunch the entire app when any video ends, every time! Save time and money by finding Jaycen Joshua episodes online and send him a direct thank you. Mix w the Masters is happily ripping people off at the door for Jaycen Joshua alone. Show more
  • G9723, 15.01.2022
    App issues
    Mix with the master production wise is a 10/10. Highest of quality content out there. However the app is really clunky and not well organized. Riddled with bugs. Can assume that the high quality of the video content along with the audio quality has something to do with the streaming issues, but the service deserves a better app. Show more
  • elnuts, 26.12.2021
    It’s hard to believe that mwtm has not updated it’s app in over a year to fix the crazy amount of bugs that it has. Total bummer.
  • Jackot65, 31.10.2021
    No app support for Apple TV
    Love watching MWTM on my iPhone, iMac and IPad but would love it even more if I could watch it on the big screen via Apple TV. Would it be possible to add it to the Apple App Store to be downloaded on Apple TV? Show more
  • Sempletura, 26.09.2021
    Doesn’t work
    The app crashes after every video… then after re-booting, the video just watched is marked as not having been watched. Somewhat if not entirely useless.
  • Williamthehorse, 10.09.2021
    Love the Content, Hate the App
    Please fix the app. It’s the buggiest thing I’ve ever used. If the content wasn’t great I’d be immediately asking for my $324 back.
  • Bill Andersoot, 26.05.2021
    The videos are great, but why doesn’t the app have a high-speed scrubbing function? You know—like you can do in Pro Tools or on any video site online? Why does the app start up in vertical mode when OBVIOUSLY the videos aren’t designed to be watched that way? Why does it not remember what I’ve already watched? Like I said, the videos are great but his app is pure awful. Show more
  • sans0017, 12.04.2021
    I’ve looked high and low for this kind of resource. I’ve been using it for a few months now and haven’t experienced any bugs. Excellent. Well worth the price tag. That said, if y’all could make it possible to search by tutorial type - like “all Inside the Track” or “all Deconstructing a Mix,” etc., that would go a long long way. Show more
  • Sammy Cerdan, 06.04.2021
    Terrible App - poor UX
    Doesn’t work well. You will have problems. Sad bc this program is awesome