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Mixfader dj app. Ratings and Reviews

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  • Warrobot7, 24.12.2022
    Brand new Mixfader
    I got one! I finally got one yayyy :)
  • BigKoba?, 30.06.2022
    App needs an update to fix SoundCloud Login error
    I love this app very much but every time I try to sign into my SoundCloud account, it doesn’t work.It always says “Authorization failed.Please check your credentials and try logging in again”. I don’t know why it’s saying this now, all the time I’ve been able to log in with the same account info but now it’s not working.Hopefully this gets fixed soon as possible. Show more
  • MashaT22, 28.05.2022
    Needs iOS update!
    Any chance you guys can update this app to be compatible with the latest versions of iOS? It’s a huge bummer that the Mixfader hardware won’t reliably work because of this. Please take some time to do this — it won’t take your guys too long to update the the latest iOS certificates. Many of us would appreciate it! Thanks! Show more
  • MastaHanksta, 09.02.2022
    App freezes in the home view setup window
    Works ok… sometimes the app gets stuck in the set up window and won’t go to the scratching section. Please fix the app
  • justskate23, 19.01.2022
    I’m not able to use the music other than the music you guys provide which I would love to use like the previous times I used the app
  • webbie??, 27.10.2021
    Not working
    I reinstalled the app and it’s not working :(
  • rockypenguino, 25.09.2021
    Music just not even playing anymore
    For some reason I can’t load in any music or listen to anything any more it just keeps saying loading like is the app broken or something or like what’s up with it lol? Show more
  • g12fan, 25.09.2021
    Fix it pls
    The music not playing I tried on 3 devices and TRASH fix it pls. Fix guy cmon I want this fixed by tn pls. Keep the SoundCloud music free too guy. Show more
  • shivanayeb, 11.09.2021
    Mixed feelings
    At first I loved this app, but then I couldn’t add some music snd a second track. Please fix I love this app
  • l hate. this crq, 16.08.2021
    Horrible ???
    You can’t use more than one song and you have to pay for most of them.???
  • kaispam, 09.04.2021
    Your app would be great if there weren’t random bugs popping up all the time. Sometimes, the track will never load and it’s just stuck. Other times, you cant even put a track in.... Also remove the “how to connect my Mixfader” icon it’s bugging me and a lot of other people so please remove it. Show more
  • a.mirz, 21.01.2021
    One HUGE problem
    The app won’t let me play music from Spotify in the background while scratching from the app. I’m guessing the developers have done this so you have to buy their loops. Doesn’t seem necessary, if this was fixed I would give it 5 stars Show more
  • this app wack as hëll, 08.09.2020
    This is wack on apple devices.
  • tea-dogg, 09.07.2020
    Please fix this app
    Crashes when you try to use it on SoundCloud,the banner needs to be removed to be able to touch the top buttons
  • maddspeed28, 23.06.2020
    Somethings wrong with the app!!
    Everytime I log into my SoundCloud, the app keeps logging out
  • tpmartin2, 04.06.2020
    You can use this app without making 30 purchases, but you can’t with wireless audio devices
    You don’t have to make any $10 purchases to use the app, but I just got AirPods, and I can’t even use them if this app is open (like if you go to the app switcher, and it’s open), and I have to close the app to use them. By the way, can you please put a little “x” on the “how to connect your Mixfader?” It blocks stuff on my iPod touch 6th gen. Put simply, I love the app, but kinda would love it if it allowed you to use Bluetooth devices. I just don’t know how much longer I can go without a lightning charger/headphone adapter for my iPad and iPod Show more
  • Mbdadon, 15.04.2020
    The Bluetooth on the AirPods don’t work on this app
  • .............../.';''././, 30.03.2020
    Can't hear the app with wireless headphones
    I like this app a lot I just wish I could go chordless with it, I'm using powerbeats and when I use this app all I hear is the short sound effect that plays during the startup then after that when I load a song onto the deck it just plays out the phone speaker even though my Bluetooth headphones are connected. Please fix this!!! Show more
  • Rasprague, 26.02.2020
    MIDI doesn’t show up in other apps
    Enabled MIDI output, but Mixfader doesn’t show up in other apps (tested with DJ Player Pro and AUM)
  • smhhhhhhh bruh fixxxx thisss, 03.12.2019
    Airpods user
    Great app but can you enable the use of bluetooth airpods? Highly appreciated