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Cloud Music Player - Listener. Ratings and Reviews

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  • fhbiivf, 24.12.2022
    Can’t download from Windows computers. Typical captive crippled iOS suckerbait
  • Olоlо, 18.12.2022
    Instant crash on open it
    Just instantly crashes everyone I try to open it. iOS 16.2 Reinstalled, not helping.
  • Neromantik, 15.12.2022
    Not bad, but flawed
    When uploading through WiFi, there’s an option to create a folder. Do not do that. Whatever you put in any folder but the root goes into some black hole not visible from the phone, but certainly eating it’s memory. Show more
  • 68Chevysspu, 09.12.2022
    Landscape mode please!
    I don’t understand why any app doesn’t work in landscape mode. It doesn’t make sense to me. Otherwise it works very well.
  • micccim, 26.11.2022
    Simple and neat
    This is real music app. NO those non senses, no promotion. Simple and neat.
  • Cubbyguy, 06.11.2022
    5 stars BUT one suggestion
    This app is perfect. As a musician working in an album, it’s great for listening back to various mixes when I’m in the car or want to hear how the album flows. That said, you cannot change the playlist song order without deleting the songs from the playlist and then re-adding them in the reverse order that you want. Please add a move or drag to reorder function. Keep rocking! Show more
  • GloomzMoonz, 31.10.2022
    Needs Some Improvements
    I really do love this app! It’s amazing, I just wish I could use it in dark mode and change song pictures. I know these issues were said to be fixed, but that is not the case Show more
  • Johnathan Longerath, 29.10.2022
    Almost Perfect
    The only issue I have is this bug that makes it so that it won’t play certain songs. I can delete and redownload all I want, if I press play on this prticular song it will have 0 playtime. I deleted the app and tried again, still nothing. Please if you would, inform me on this resolution to the issue or how I can fix it Show more
  • 414ko, 28.10.2022
    Fix crash
    App crashes when trying to add new music
  • lia kia mia, 19.10.2022
    Awful don’t get it
    Ummm it is soooo awful don’t even think of getting it just just ewwwww I hate it soo much it is crap it does not let you even get 1 song at allllll. Show more
  • dogmaofdevbot, 05.10.2022
    Great app
    I needed a way to play my music files on my computer and this was the iOS solutions.
  • elainamoon3, 02.10.2022
    Love it
    I’ve been looking for app i could listen on for a while. This is the best one so far.
  • horari60, 23.09.2022
    this Cloud Music app needs even more 2022 to 2023 Changes.
    This app really needs Landscape Mode for its iPad users and even dark mode in the app. And possibly a redesign on the app’s UI Interface to give it a modern feel for users on iPhone X or newer/iPad Pro 11 Inch or Newer and hopefully acts like the old functions like how the app is currently in right now. but the other issues are the Video Player issues, it’s gotten more buggy on the iOS 16 update due to a lot of changes to the music player Lock Screen & Control Center & Even the iPhone 14 Pro’s Music Menu. It deserves an update if you saw this Review. and hope you can find a way to add an option in the downloads tab to edit or add a picture from the .mp3 file or others. and I even suggest change the app compatibility to iOS 13 just in case you’ll receive major bugs on older iOS Versions like iOS 8-12 for example. but If you do these changes, everything about this app will be more awesome and you probably may receive more popularity just like how I started loving the app. So I pretty hope you know what to do. This app really needs the improvements. Show more
  • NeedMoreP, 20.09.2022
    Almost perfect
    I love it, it just needs to start playback after my alarm or phone call ends, I have to go in the app to press play again
  • lulu8582, 19.09.2022
    Keeps crashing
    This crashes consistently when I try to download songs despite having enough memory
  • Flypjfly, 03.09.2022
    Very good App. It would be helpful to be able to sort the playlists. Thank you.
  • beanyzoldyck, 02.09.2022
    good for basic usage
    works great and I personally like the system for adding song but small things like not being able to to add the same song multiple times to a playlist and dark mode not working are annoying Show more
  • Gadodo, 28.08.2022
    R u guys fixing it
    The app doesn’t work for last month r u guys planning to fix it or what
  • Ass4444, 16.08.2022
    I can’t even play music
  • boodi86, 03.08.2022
    Stopped working
    The app used to work wonderfully until 2 weeks ago. I have no idea why it started crashing as soon as I open the app. My IOS version has been 15.2.1 for a long time and the app was updated to the latest version. Show more